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Schaltkreis Wassermann was a pioneer group of electronic music. Founded in 1979 by Stella & PJ Wassermann (who also work together on several other projects) Schaltkreis Wassermann featured a minimalistic approach that was dictated by the available means:
* ARP 2600 Syntheseizer,
* ARP Avatar guitar synthesizer
* Roland 100M modular synthesizer
* Sequential Circuits Prophet V synthesizer, all kept together by the
* Roland MicroComposer MC4 that was capable of playing four simultaneous monophonic synths.
Tape recording was done with a TEAC 4track and later with an Otari 8track tape machine.

It was a great and very psychedelic time. Stella & PJ spent days, weeks and months in their studio exploring sound and consciousness resulting in PSYCHOTRON, a ground breaking album in 1981 showcasing a lot of what was to become mainstream in electronic music, techno, psyTrance and even pop music. PSYCHOTRON was sold all over the world as a vinyl album and made it to number 7 of the British synthesizer charts in "Melody Maker".

Today the vinyl album PSYCHOTRON is a much sought after collector's item. And Schaltkreis Wassermann are
back on stage...

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Read an article about LSD and musical creativity on PJ's blog.


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