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Das Böse Zwillinge
Some people write really funny stuff about Schaltkreis Wassermann. We especially liked this blog called penultimatetruth that wrote a piece on Schaltkreis Wassermann called "Six degrees of Sauerkraut - Part V: Das Böse Zwillinge"
What a crazy story: as little children the Evil Schaltkreis Twins get adopted by Klaus Schulze but read on yourself...

Basler Zeitung
The biggest Basel newspaper brought this story about the first concert in PJ's hometown Basel after 25 years (the Nordstern concert on February 6th 2009).


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Finally the long lost Swiss synth-pop / minimal classic Psychotron by Schaltkreis Wassermann has been released on CD including bonus tracks. Psychotron is beside the album by Nachtraum the most sought after LP from this genre. (Robert Pally)

Ich bin vor ein paar Tagen von der Tour zurückgekehrt ... ich wollte dir nur mitteilen, dass ich nach einem Konzert in Belgrad einen Fan von dir getroffen habe, sie hatte sogar die alte Psychotron Platte von euch. Weil wir aus der Schweiz kommen hat sie uns grad als erstes gefragt, ob wir das kennen, allerdings hat sie nicht gewusst, dass du immer noch Musik machst, Matterhorn sagte ihr auch nichts.
Papiro, elektronischer Musiker,

Ich verwende dieses Wort sonst nie, aber Euer Sound ist soooooooo GEIL.....
Vor allem "Destiny" (von PJ's Solo-Album "Triple E"), aber auch "Excursion" (bin halt auch Fan der berliner Schule).
Michael Buehler-Zeller

If I'm not mistaken, it was the early 80's...a friend of mine gave me a cassette simply labled "psychotron" was a very good copy from vinyl, recorded with very good audio equipment on a very good had all the wonderful dynamics of the original immediately became one of my favorites, and got mislaid in a move 15 years later...7 years after that, it this time I've got 2 kids about 20 yrs. old, who love music and became fond of this recording....after lots of research, I found that it was you and Stella (my mom's name) who recorded it, I saw a photo of the album cover for the first time, found it was out of print, and read
rumors of a re-release...after checking 5 or 6 times a year, I ran into this Kagi place, and the rest is history.
I can't thank you enough for writing, and expressing an interest in my history with this album.
Ric Desiena


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